Cantel is a leading provider of infection prevention products in the healthcare market, specializing in the segment: endoscopy procedure disposables include single-use valves and irrigation tubing.



Frankenman is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of Surgical Staplers and Minimally Invasive Access devices.

Founded in 2003, dedicated to innovate and develop, produce, sell and promote surgical staplers and other surgical instruments on a global platform. Frankenman is a modern, efficient, organisation focused on and committed to the care and safety of the patients upon whom our products are used.



LAGIS is a medical device development company incorporated in 2004 to design, patent, and market medical devices for the laparoscopic and endoscopic surgical markets.

The development of LAGIS endo-surgical devices is accomplished with the participation of leading surgeons, surgical residents, and operating room staff.

LAGIS are caring professionals committed to improving the health and well-being of patients around the world.

MTW logo

MTW Endoskopie

MTW Endoskopie develops, produces and markets innovative medical instruments worldwide, mainly for flexible endoscopic applications. When Wolfgang Haag founded MTW Endoskopie in 1974, he specialized in custommade products and repairs of surgical instruments.


Ovesco Endoscopy

Ovesco’s hallmark are innovative endoscopic clipping systems. The OTSC® is the product platform for the treatment of gastrointestinal hemorrhage and for endoscopic digestive organ wall closure. The clip technology forms a solid basis for many other procedures. Over the years, Ovesco's portfolio has been expanded by novel resection techniques, such as FTRD® and RESECT+, and also diagnostic sensor capsules, such as the HemoPill®.



The mission of Vytil is to provide the medical community with qualitative and affordable products witch a constant desire for innovation.

Vytil, born of 25 years of expertise in the distribution of medical devices, has developed an international network of selected partners with whom they work hand in hand for the past 10 years.